Subway vs McDonald’s: Eat Fresh… Cos I’m Lovin’ it

We all know Subway has overtaken McDonald’s as the UK’s No.1 Fast Food Restaurant, but do we really know that a Sub from Subway is equally or worse for us than say for example a Big Mac from McDonald’s?

Subway vs McDonalds's.. BEGIN!

Subway vs McDonald’s.. BEGIN!

An Insight to Subway:

Subway founded August 28, 1965. Since crossing the pond the American ‘Eat Fresh’ fast food giants have steadily worked their way up the rankings to become the UK’s No.1 Fast Food Restaurant. They have 33,749 stores across the globally. In 2002, Subway announced plans to open 2,000 outlets in the UK and Ireland by 2010. So far it has made it to 1,507.

An Insight to McDonalds:

McDonald’s founded May 15, 1940. McDonald’s has 34,000 restaurants globally and there are approximately 1200 restaurants, of which around 600 are franchises in the UK. There are approximately 85,000 people employed by McDonald’s UK and over 1 million worldwide. Famous for items such as the Big Mac, McNuggets and a host of many other treats, I’m Lovin’ It.

Battle of the Calories… How they match up:

Subway sandwiches are  higher in calories than some orders from McDonalds. A Big Mac weighs in at 540 calories, with 29 grams of fat and a double quarter pounder with cheese comes in at 740 calories with 42 grams of fat. Now that’s exceedingly bad, but if you think that is bad… check this out.

Big Mac Meal, My Favorite.

Big Mac Meal, 740 Calories, 42 Grams of Fat.

Subway has many sandwiches such as the Chicken and Bacon Ranch, Meatball Marinara or Tuna Sandwich weighing in at under or over 1000 calories and while they are lower in fat than McDonalds, the calories are off the scale and without a balance you will get fat. The average calorie intake for an adult male or female is anywhere from 1200 calories to 2000 calories a day, just imagine the risks caused by devouring a 1000 caloric sub?!  You think your eating ‘Fresh’ think again… Subway have a low fat range marketed by some of our London Olympic heroes. A foot long LOW FAT Chicken Sandwich has 640 calories and 9 grams of fat, again a LOW FAT sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich has a whopping 760 calories with 9 grams of fat. At Subway are  you really ‘Eating Fresh’? That is the question!

Meatball Sub, Subway just over 1000 Calories.

Meatball Sub, Subway just over 1000 Calories.

With everyone entitled to their opinions and choice of where they go for a quick unhealthy snack to fix up their appetite, I would rather have a Big Mac, Fries, and a Regular Coke than go to Subway and have 1000 of my calorie intake in a sandwich!

My motto now is you can burn off a big mac but a subway is going straight to your thighs!   Watch out because these killer sandwiches are coming to mouth near you soon!


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